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Server-side React Routing with Elixir

Whether you love it or hate it, you can hardly ignore react and its ecosystem nowadays. React is (just) JavaScript (if you strip away JSX & friends) and not everyone has (or is willing to have) a JavaScript background. When you finally decide to build your frontend with React you still need some backend that is delivering the inital page. Let's say we want to create a more resilient backend and use Elixir as an example implementation. This leaves us with a couple of problems for our undertaking that need to be solved.

The Phoenix Framework: Programming beyond the comfort zone

In the last post we checked why you should learn some more languages and why Elixir might help you becoming a better JavaScript developer. Now I promised to go deeper into web development. A popular (if not the most popular) web framework for Elixir is Phoenix.

JavaScript |> Elixir: Programming beyond the comfort zone

I’m a JavaScript Engineer. I write JavaScript. I really like writing JavaScript and I feel very comfortable doing so. In the JavaScript world, there are a gazillion web frameworks available and every week there are more coming. So why should you start programming in another language?