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I ❤️ functional, declarative and clean programming and its powerful abstractions like pure functions and immutable data. It makes programs easier to reason about and (imho) introduces less bugs. My favourite Tech-Stack consists of a React frontend, bundled and transpiled with webpack to use the latest ES7 features. I also love node.js bundled with TypeScript (when applicable) for the backend but prefer the Elixir environment around the Phoenix framework for its more functional nature.

Technical Experience

JavaScript with 6 years professional experience in extending existing architectures as well as conceptualizing new projects. Besides working with ES6 and ES7 language features I utilised popular frameworks and libraries in production such as:

  • React, redux and react-router on client and server (universal)
  • Two popular node.js web frameworks: Express and hapi
  • ORM/ODM wrappers for mongodb (mongoose) and mysql (sequelize)
  • Build tools and transpilers: Webpack, babel and TypeScript (in conjuction)
  • Several test runners and assertion libraries (jest, unexpected, karma, mocha, selenium)

I also created and contributed to several open source projects including:

  • eslint (pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript)
  • react-stdio (render React.js components on any backend)
  • unexpected-immutable (immutable.js assertions for unexpected.js)
  • an-old-hype (port of an atom syntax theme for hyper)

Elixir. Hobby alchemist for 2 years. Although still being a niche language Elixir helped me in becoming a better programmer and made me rethink established object oriented ways of thinking and programming patterns. A lot of the functional paradigms found in Elixir can be applied to the JavaScript language as well. I was part of the Hamburg.ex user group and created several side projects and playgrounds:

  • Luke (server-side rendered react-router with the cowboy webserver)
  • JellyShot (blog engine based on Phoenix powered by markdown)
  • Edmin (image slider backed by ex_admin CRUD interface)

HTML & CSS. Besides efficient JavaScript I consider writing semantically correct markup and stylesheets the bread and butter of successful web development.

MySQL & MongoDB. Experience with running relational and document-oriented databases in production gives me the proficiency to always chose the best-fitting technology for the task at hand.

Docker & CI. I use Docker a lot. Be it for easy reproducible deployments or faster development workflows. All my projects build and test on CircleCI. I also did docker multistage builds in the CI environment as well as bundle optimizations like code and route splitting.


2014 – 2018JavaScript Engineer, ePages GmbH, Hamburg
- Part of a cross-functional fullstack team
- From scratch rewrite of an ecommerce frontend with react & redux
- Backend for frontend implementation with express, sequelize and TypeScript
- Examining applications and conducting technical job interviews
2012 – 2014JavaScript Engineer, ePages GmbH, Jena
- Part of the frontend team
- Working with jQuery and the Dojo Toolkit as well as require.js and Backbone
- Building a new asset pipeline with nodejs (0.8)
- Greenfield project based on node.js and express with universal rendering
10/11 – 3/12Intern, ePages GmbH, Jena
- Evaluating several mobile frameworks as part of the master thesis
- Prototypal implementation of a multi platform app for administrating epages6


2010 – 2012Applied Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Thesis: Mobile Cross Platform Development
Degree: Master of Science, final grade: 1.8
2007 – 2011Applied Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Thesis: Tool for Heuristic Evaluation Online (THEO)
Degree: Bachelor of Science, final grade: 2.0
2006 – 2007Media Systems, Bauhaus University Weimar
1998 – 2006Gustav-Freytag-Gymnasium Gotha
Thesis: The Venus Transit`
Degree: Abitur, final grade: 1.6

Language skills

GermanNative speaker (first language)
EnglishHighly proficient in both spoken and written English (C1)
FrenchBasic (3 yrs)


  • Sports (volleyball, cycling, snowboarding)
  • IoT and the like (several raspberry projects involving soldering stuff)
  • Music festivals and concerts